1xBet Ghana: Registration and Sign Up

1Xbet Registration

Let us show you what you’ll need to register for 1xBet before we get into our step-by-step instructions on how to do so. Before we go through how to join 1xBet, let’s first show you what you’ll need:

You must be over 18 – This is one of the most essential criteria for signing up with a betting site in Ghana. In Ghana, the legal gambling age is 18 years old. As a result, you aren’t permitted to establish a betting account if you are under the age of 18 years old.

You need a device – You must have a device in order to join 1xBet. You need a device, whether it’s a computer, phone, or tablet, in order to visit the site.

You need internet connection – In order to join 1xBet in Ghana, you must have an internet connection. To sign up on 1xBet online, you must be linked to the internet as with all online activities.

It is great to know that in today’s world, internet connection is quite inexpensive in Ghana. You don’t need a fast or huge internet connection to register with 1xBet.

You need a Ghanaian phone number – In Ghana, you can register with 1xBet in one of two ways. You may either fill out an online registration form or use your phone number to do so.

Although you only have to produce a registered Ghanaian phone number in both cases, you must do so. This is one of the ways 1xBet can validate your identify and ensure that you are who you say you are. It also aids in the identification of individuals who may not be lawfully allowed to gamble.

You need an identification number – Now, this is a key 1xBet registration requirement in Ghana. You must supply your identification number at some point during your 1xBet registration process.

If you have an identity card from Ghana, it’s preferable to use that. If you don’t have an ID card, your driver’s license or passport number will suffice. You are assisting 1xBet in verifying your identify by providing your ID number.

You will not be required to enter your ID number when using the phone registration method. You still need to provide that information on your personal profile, even if you aren’t. If you don’t do so, 1xBet may limit your access.

When we get to 1xBet Ghana’s registration procedures, you’ll understand what it mean.

How to Register on 1xBet in Ghana

This is where we give you a step-by-step breakdown on how to open a 1xBet account in Ghana. As we previously stated, you can register for 1xBet Ghana in two different ways. You can either register by phone or by email.

We’ll go through both registration processes in detail, beginning with phone registration.

How To Register On 1xbet By Phone Number

  • Click Register – You’ll be taken to the 1xBet registration page if you click on the “Register on 1xBet” link beneath.
  • Select By Phone – The 1xBet registration form has two options: “By Phone” and “By Email.” Since you are registering using your phone number, select the “By Phone” option at the top of the 1xBet registration form.
  • Enter Your Phone Number – If you choose to register by phone, you’ll be given the option to provide your mobile phone number during the process. Make sure the number you’ve given is correct and unique.
  • Click “Send SMS” – After you’ve entered your phone number, select “Send SMS” to continue your registration. You’ll receive a “Confirmation Code” via SMS on your mobile device when you click this button. 1xBet are attempting to confirm that you are the owner of the phone number by sending an SMS to your mobile device.
  • Enter Confirmation Code – When you have the 1xBet confirmation code on your phone, return to the 1xBet registration page and input it in the corresponding field.
  • Set Your Currency – You must pick the Ghanaian cedi as your chosen money before you finish signing up.
  • Confirm Your Registration – To conclude the process, click the “Register” button under the form to confirm your registration. Your new 1xBet account will be established immediately after you click the “Register” button.

1xBet By Phone Number

How To Register On 1xbet By Email

  • Click The “Register On 1xbet” Button Below – To get started, click the blue button below to register with 1xBet. This will bring you to the 1xBet registration page.
  • Choose “by Email” – 1xBet has two options on the registration form: “By Phone” and “By Email.” To continue with your email registration, select “By Email.”
  • Enter Your Personal Details – If you select to register for 1xBet through email, you will be asked to provide additional personal information than with a phone registration (Full Names, Email Address, Nationality, State, Phone Number, ID Card Number, Password).
  • Set Your Currency – When you create an account with 1xBet in Ghana, be sure to choose the currency as “Ghanian cedis.” The money of transaction is by default cedis for players from Ghana, but it’s a good idea to double-check that you’ll be sending and receiving money in Ghanian cedis.
  • Confirm Your Registration – Before filling out your 1xBet registration form, double-check all of your information and make sure that it’s correct.

1xBet by e-mail

After you’ve finished all of your information, click “Register” on the registration form.

1xbet Registration Bonus

1xBet has a fantastic welcome bonus for players from Ghana. You may get up to 200% of your initial deposit if you register with 1xBet Ghana and make a deposit.

Consider this practical example to make things clearer. Assume you join up at 1xBet and deposit GHS 100 as your first deposit. Your welcome bonus will be 200% of that amount, or GHS 200.

1xbet Registration On Mobile

1xBet can be registered on your phone via the website or the mobile app.

How to register on 1xBet with one-click

The one-click registration option, as the name implies, allows gamers to join 1xBet in just a single action. You do not need to complete complicated forms or paperwork. With a simple click of your mouse, you can establish a 1xBet account.

  • 1xBet is a mobile casino that offers real money gaming, as well as unique features. To access this useful content and get in-game bonuses, you’ll need to download the app.
  • To reveal additional menu choices, click the three horizontal bars at the left of the home page.
  • Click Registration
  • Select “In One-Click”
  • Confirm your country and currency
  • Select your preferred welcome bonus
  • Confirm that you are up to 18 and accept the 1xBet terms and conditions
  • To confirm your 1xBet registration, click the green tick button in the lower right corner of the screen.

1xBet One click Registration

How to Sign Up on the 1xBet app with Phone Registration

  • Open the 1xBet app
  • To discover additional choices, click the three horizontal bars on the left side of the homepage.
  • Click Registration
  • Select “By Phone”
  • Confirm your currency
  • Choose your preferred welcome bonus
  • Confirm that you are up to 18 and accept the 1xBet T&C
  • To complete your 1xBet account, click the green tick button at the bottom right of the page.

How to do full registration on the 1xBet app

  • Launch the 1xBet app
  • To reveal more options, click the horizontal bars at the left of the home page.
  • Click Registration
  • Select “Full”
  • Confirm your currency
  • Choose your preferred welcome bonus
  • Fill in your personal info (Surname, First Name, Country, Region, City/Town, Date of Birth)
  • Enter your accounts settings (Currency, email, phone number, password)
  • Choose your preferred welcome bonus
  • Confirm that you are up to 18 and accept the 1xBet T&C
  • To finish the process, click the green check mark in the lower right corner of the page.


1xBet is a fantastic online casino for Ghanaian players. You can register with 1xBet in Ghana by phone, email, or one-click registration. The welcome bonus of up to 200% is extremely generous and gives you the opportunity to earn extra money.

There are many reasons to register with 1xBet, including the generous welcome bonus, the wide range of games and betting options, and the convenient mobile app. Register today and start enjoying all that 1xBet has to offer!